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IT Infrastructure

Most businesses depend on software applications which in turn depends on the network infrastructure foundation that supports them. It is extremely important to have a reliable and secure network infrastructure so you can focus on running your business. Some technology firms implement networks using residential-grade networking solutions which often lead to unstable networks, poor performance and less return on investment. Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. builds networks using enterprise-class solutions and solid design principles. This results in higher performance, more stability and a better long-term return on investment.

Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure

Whether your LAN is comprised of a few PC’s in a small office or a large campus network of interconnected buildings supporting thousands of devices, Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has the experience to build and support LAN’s using the latest switch and cabling technologies. Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd.’s focus on networking allows us to provide extensive specialized experience in LAN technologies often not available from general-purpose IT firms. Examples of technologies available in enterprise-class LAN’s such as those deployed by Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. include:

  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
  • Fiber optic Campus Area Network (CAN)
  • High availability switch redundancy
  • Fiber or wireless Metro Area Network (MAN)
  • Proper multilayer network design
  • High performance layer-3 switching
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure

From small WAN’s of a couple of linked sites up to vast implementations of hundreds of sites, Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. knows how to build and support enterprise WAN’s using the latest communication and technologies. Our extensive experience with many telecommunication carrier companies covers a wide variety of technologies including:

  • Advanced routing techniques with BGP
  • Multisite frame relay, MPLS, Ethernet WAN’s
  • Broadband cable modem/DSL VPN WAN’s
  • Traditional T1/DS1, T3/DS3, ISDN circuits
  • Disaster recovery network design
  • Cellular Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

Firewall & VPN

As the front door gatekeeper of your network, it is critical that your firewall is up to the task in both capacity and configuration. About a third of Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd.’s services involve firewalls and we have decades of experience building, securing and supporting them. Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has a dedicated team of firewall engineers and offers advanced firewall design and configuration services including:

  • Redundant clustered firewalls
  • Highly customized deep inspection
  • Complex inter-vendor firewall migrations
  • Firewall consolidations
  • Rule audits and security policy clean-up
  • Multi-tier application DMZ’s
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technologies

Enabling secure stable communications across untrusted networks such as the Internet has become commonplace. VPN’s serve as a secure and very cost effective way of linking sites or allowing secure remote access to a network from anywhere. Using the latest encryption and authentication technologies, Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. often builds and supports enterprises with VPN-linked remote sites all over the world. Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has extensive experience with many kinds of VPN including:

  • IPSEC site-to-site VPN’s for inexpensive WAN’s
  • IPSEC remote access
  • SSL clientless remote access
  • SSL client-based remote access
  • Advanced directory authenticated remote access
  • Remote access endpoint security validation


Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has deployed and supported multiple campuses of wireless coverage and larger multisite wireless designs. This typically includes central management and online site maps of radio coverage using the latest encryption and authentication security technologies. Unlike many other technology firms, Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has much deeper experience with wireless design and configuration in large enterprises and can offer services including:

  • Access Points (AP) with wireless roaming
  • Controller-based fleets of lightweight AP’s
  • Rogue AP tracking and mitigation
  • Wireless surveys with radio coverage “heat maps”
  • Inter-building wireless bridging
  • Unified management for large wireless deployments
  • RFID and other location tracking
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Network Management & Monitoring Systems
Enterprise networks need to be continuously monitored to detect failures and proactively handle performance problems. Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has seen increasing interest in network management and monitoring systems. Our expertise in this area has allowed us to build, augment and support such systems in large scale environments such as campus LAN’s and multisite WAN’s. Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd. has partnered with IPSWITH Whats Up Gold to offer enterprise monitoring solutions.

  • Enterprise level live status maps
  • Polling of devices, interfaces and links
  • Performance analysis with base lining
  • Alerting and reporting of thresholds and events
  • NetFlow reporting and protocol analysis
  • Log collection, aggregation and correlation


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Zoomlion intensifies spraying in Northern Region to avert spread of yellow fever


Some members of the spraying gang of the Zoomlion Ghana Company on site.

Some members of the spraying gang of the Zoomlion Ghana Company on site.

 Zoomlion Ghana Company Limited, a waste management company, has stepped up its spraying activities in all the 26 districts in the Northern Region to prevent the spread of yellow fever in the region.
This follows reported cases of the disease in the region. It has claimed three lives in the West Gonja District this month. The Northern Regional Vector Control Officer of Zoomlion, Mr Abdulai Abdul-Aziz Yelsuma, made this known at the handover of 27 motorbikes, 81 solo-motorised spraying machines and 1,248 litres of insecticides to the spraying gangs of the company at a ceremony in Tamale last Wednesday.
A new pick-up vehicle has also been assigned to the Vector Control Unit of the company to enhance its monitoring of the spraying exercise. Enhanced activities Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Yelsuma said due to the outbreak of yellow fever, the Vector Control Unit had scaled up its activities in the districts to prevent its spread. In line with the objective, he said the spraying gangs had been tasked to intensify the spraying of places such as public toilets, refuse dumps, slaughter houses, urinals and some major drains which were breeding places for disease-causing organisms. He asked members of the spraying gangs to take good care of the items to ensure that they lasted long and cautioned them to be very careful with the handling of the chemicals and other insecticides. Waste collection The Northern Sector General Manager of Zoomlion, Mr Emmanuel Volsuuri, who handed over the items, said aside from the motorbikes, the company had provided 190 tricycles, popularly known as motor king, for distribution to the districts in the region to enhance waste collection this year. He added that the company was equipping all its district offices to provide excellent customer service this year.

Finance Minister presents bill to amend Income Tax Act


Finance Minister presents bill to amend Income Tax Act

Finance Minister, Seth Tekper
Finance Minister, Seth Tekper
The Minister of Finance, Mr Seth Terkper, on Friday laid a bill before Parliament to amend the Income Tax Act 2015, (Act 896). The presentation of the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2015 came barely 24 hours after Parliament had challenged the authority of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to suspend the implementation of the act without recourse to the House.
The Speaker, Mr Edward Doe Adjaho, referred the bill to the Finance Committee of Parliament for consideration and delivery of a report to the House. He said the committee could also look at any consequential issue and advise the House accordingly.
Background The Income Tax Act 2015, which was passed by Parliament and assented to by President John Dramani Mahama on September 1, 2015, was supposed to come into effect on January 1, 2016. Under the act, all interest paid to an individual is to attract one per cent tax. This means that any interest accrued on treasury bills, fixed income deposit, interest from banks, among others, will attract a tax of one per cent. Following public uproar against the tax, the GRA directed all financial institutions to suspend its imposition. A ranking member of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Dr Anthony Akoto-Osei, raised the issue in Parliament last Thursday, pointing out that the GRA had no authority to suspend the act, pointing out that when Parliament passed an act, no institution had the right to suspend it. Dr Akoto-Osei said it was crucial for Parliament to send a notice to institutions that they could not “negate” an act passed by the House. Speaker The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Doe Adjaho, supported the position of Dr Akoto-Osei and stressed that the GRA had no authority to suspend the Income Tax Act that had been passed by Parliament. He said until such an Act was amended by Parliament, it remained in force. Dr Doe Adjaho asked the Majority leader to take the issue up with the appropriate authorities.

Capital Bank still league sponsors: PLB boss


Capital Bank still league sponsors: PLB boss

Ashford Tettey-Oku — The man in the hot seat
Ashford Tettey-Oku — The man in the hot seat
New Premier League Board (PLB) chairman, Ashford Tettey-Oku, insists Capital Bank (formerly First Capital Plus Bank) remains title sponsors of the Premier League in spite of a unilateral suspension of the contract by the bank two months ago, casting doubts over whether the 2015/16 season will commence next month without sponsorship.
The PLB boss told the Graphic Sports yesterday that Capital Bank had a contractual agreement with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and as far as he was aware the FA had not given any indication that the contract had been abrogated. Reacting to concerns by Premier League clubs about the uncertainty over the league sponsorship, Mr Tettey-Oku said much as he identified with their apprehension, there was no cause for alarm.
"The PLB understands the concerns of the clubs, but so far as we know, Capital Bank remains the sponsors and until the GFA gives us a contrary situation, we do not have contrary situation we do not have to be despondent," he assured. He admitted that playing this season's league without the title sponsorship would not only affect the clubs financially, but also the FA, which spends over GH¢2million to organise the league every season, aside of the sponsorship. "Without the sponsorship, the FA will also have to find money to completely run the league, and aside other huge costs it takes care of, the situation would be a huge financial challenge for the FA and as such everyone is very much concerned and determined to ensure the contractual agreement is respected." He gave the assurance that with the Broadcast Sponsorship deal with SuperSport still running, the premiership clubs were set to benefit from the season's package, with the PLB ready to get the league started on February 20. "We are very ready to get the season started. All the knotty issues have been dealt with so far as organisation is concerned and we assure all of an exciting season," Mr Tettey-Oku indicated. At the end of last season, the bank officially informed the FA in a letter about its decision to suspend $2million-a-year deal with the FA in order to undertake some internal restructuring. The sponsorship deal, which was in its second year, was to run for five years. In reaction, GFA president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, said per the terms of the contract, there was no room for a “suspension” and notified the bank about the possible legal ramifications such a unilateral action could attract. Efforts to get a reaction from Capital Bank was not successful at the time of going to press.
- See more at: http://www.graphic.com.gh/sports/sports-news/57279-capital-bank-still-league-sponsors-plb-boss.html#sthash.q1FHQvV6.dpuf