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Rhomicom ERP Software System:
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Customization & Personalisation

Your business conforms to certain common practices that ship standard as part of the underlying business logic that Rhomicom ERP systems offer. However you should be afforded the ability to customize your system to suit you unique business requirements.

Similarly the people you employ to work on the system have requirements of their own and all have different ways of interacting with the software. We believe in allowing people the ability to configure the software to best suit their needs rather than the system dictating how a business should be run.

You can change the look and feel of the Rhomicom ERP systems user interface in keeping with your company’s brand and you can even incorporate your own data and special ways of processing this data. As your business requirements evolve, you can adapt and change accordingly at little to no cost.

Upgrades need not keep you up at night because the customization is version independent, so will continue to function as expected as you upgrade your software.

Core Modules

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