Rhomicom (ERP) Operational Manuals V1 Patch 2.3

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SOFTWARE MANUAL (A quick guide on the usage of the Rhomicom ERP System)

Personnel / Membership Data

This Module serves as Human headquarters of the entire application. Almost all Data caputring of personnels / membership end up here

a. How to use the basic person data to capture information

(I) Click on ADD

just at your left hand side, the add filed allows you to add new person / member.etc NB:the yellow filed are always required.

(II) you will therefor have to fill the parameters NB: as an institution,Association,School,Company you shuld have a prefix for your ID / Staff Numbers / members ID etc. Provide an ID number which is required

(III) you will click on save, you can also attached document, upload pictures etc.


The first indicate the report run process eg.

this are sample report you always run to get result and with multiple output

(v)Pay Item Assigment

Right from HR, Staff / Dues / Fees element can be assigned to individuals or mass by Grades, Divisions, Job Etc. and also individuals banks account information acn be captured here.

This fig. indicated the payroll element, fees dues etc to be assigned to one or group

This fig also indicate already asigned here you will only see things that has been assigned already, should in case that place is blank then it means there no element or any assignment been done on that particular person, you can also delete if that particular element assigned is not need or wrongly assigned to that particular person

The Fig below also indicate the bank infomation about the staff. We therefore capture all you bank information and net pay portion to that particular bank. NB: you can capture as many as banks you staff have. The Net pay portion is caputer in percentages. as to how much is to be send to that particular bank.

The Quick Pay Form (Run Bill / Payment)

The Qucik Pay form is one of the easiest way of taking payment, billing and checking of balance for individuals, Company, Groups etc. This are some element been define at the payment / payroll section which we will talk about at a differrent module .Here as an HR/Membership Manager Etc fees, Dues, etc can also be process here with receipt and will automatically generate accounting.

a.You click and select an item set (item set are set of element which are in a set or group together)

b.You click and select an Id NB:right from basic data and a name has already been select, if you open the quick form the ID will indicate that person's name and number by select by default currently seleccted person which you can always change it.

c.if you select a payment item then the amount difference will always be -100/ -200 etc that is the amount expected onces you enter the amount received the difference will be 00.00 or a balance if is partpayment.

Send Mail to person

This features helps to send maill accross the application any member / staff/ company/ supplier etc who has an email address been captured in system mails / sms alert. Auto-Load Qualifying Mails This helps to download all emails / tel No. in the system from the parameters been filled i.e group type / group name /workplace etc. then you can click on send

Additional Person Data

The Additional Person Data varies from one company to another company's data. Therefore this filed is full customize to suite every company's addtional needs

How to setup Additional Data

a. Click on Additional Person Data Filed as shown

then after you will fill the parameters and click save if done

b. You can also export and import from excel.

Organisation Assigment / Designations

This is where most HR / Membership Managers eneter positions / Locations / Grade etc. also some of the element here is what the system uses to determain one's pay, school fees / dues etc. Here all the element that you select was defined at the setup organization module.

Here you only click on add which is indicated with yellow color and click on the three dorted indicated with red color line to select, the arrow line also indicate the save button any filed you will select kindly click on save before moving to the next line or element., the pencil also indicate edit and the X indicate delete button and the last one is refresh. (if you select an element, make sure you select the right date and to date kindly leave it blank if you dont no. Eg. the Payroll, Dues , fees etc. uses the date a lot so therefore if there should be an end / TO date that particular person will not get anything base on the date provided)

Curriculum Vitae

This is where entering of education background, working experince , Nature / Skill Set / Talent is been caputered Eg.

To start with just click on add with the plus indicated NB: the Add / Save / Delete / Edit and Refresh Tabs loop all over the application therefore in most cases we will therefore skip these things. anytime you want to do a new thing always make sure you click on add and save. click on edit to make changes and delete to delete that line. Here you can caputer all records about the person right from start of school to end of school and any other infomation. some of the filed are free text area. as been type test in the fig above. If you click on any of the three button and the result there is not applicable to you can also add a new one eg.

Other Information