Rhomicom (ERP) Operational Manuals V1 Patch 2.3

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SOFTWARE MANUAL (A quick guide on the usage of the Rhomicom ERP System)

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Rhomicom Systems Technologies Limited is a Software Development, Training and Consulting Company established in July 2011 with the vision of making the latest technologies easily accessible and affordable to all and sundry. We seek to achieve this vision by leveraging on technology, innovation and expertise to develop and make available cutting edge solutions to drive business success. Rhomicom has developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System which automates the management of information across an entire organization and facilitates information flow between all business functions inside the organization. The ERP System is a suite of the following applications: Organization Manager, Personnel Manager, Internal Payments (Payroll/Dues & Contributions) Manager, Reports and Processes Manager, Finance/Accounting Manager, Procurement Manager and Inventory Manager. This software is user friendly, can be used by persons with little or no IT background after a short training and also supports the five (5) characteristics of a Management Information System which are: Timeliness, Accuracy, Consistency, Completeness and Relevance.